5 AM Shenanigans

It’s nearing 5am. I’m still sitting on that (not so) recently-vacated rocking chair, the bed is in the same state it was an hour ago. Sort of. My chubby lil’ Oreo was just laying at my feet and is now staring at me from his bed. I don’t know what it is that I want, but something keeps telling me to come back and write. There are a million + things that I can talk about. But, as I’ve stated  before, they’d come out as a bunch of ramblings. So that’s it! I’ve decided I’m going to either A) write down all the different prompts I have or B) start a new page on the blog dedicated to mini ramblings. Not updates, but more like following the different threads of musings I might have at that time.I think it’s gon’ be great! But but but.. have to start actually writing first. Gahh! I wish there was a sort of time jump I could have. One that goes back and forth, not just forward in time.

In other news, my bed is still pretty messy. I think I’ve gotten it down to half the mess though so, progress! Also my brother got home super late and he and my mom had a row (row row your boat, gently down the stream!). Eck. See, this is why you plan ahead and instead sleep over at your friends’ if you can! Then again, slightly different situation when my friends are all at the very least half an hour or so away. Ah well!

In other other news, I just learned that my views don’t count towards total views on my stats! How I didn’t know that after being here for 2+ years, I don’t know! In any case, Woo!  Hi, you. 🙂


Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.

Ten. I’ve reached that magical number where I tend to fall off the universe and either never post again, or end up creating yet another blog or account elsewhere and start posting there instead. I can’t say that I plan it that way. I never realized it until I started going in today and counting the number of posts in certain other sites I had. Eleven. How is it possible that I don’t seem to pass this number? Twelve. Makes me wonder what else on the internet dies off or begins at 10. There’s fourteen. Then fifteen after that. There’s also the end. Maybe it comes from emphasis on learning only one through ten as a child, and then struggling to get to ‘sevten’ (seventeen). Then there’s that huge focus on youth and on the numbers that make up the ‘teenage years’ As if life ends when you pass that age. Heh. Whatever the reason, it’s high and mighty time to get to the next set of numbers. I want that gold star next to my name. I want that extra free time. I want that ‘free pass’ card. I guess all it takes is one more blog post. A few words will do; it’s just a couple of hundred words. It certainly isn’t like I don’t have millions of ideas running through my mind at all times of the day. I just need to sit and write. Type. Talk. Connect. Now is as good time as any.