May Challenge(s) Day 8!: My Sky and Pet Peeves

You know what’s tough? Taking a picture of your sky before class, only to come out to a completely different day! That’s exactly what’s been happening today. All this week, actually! I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the weather in Southern California, but I’m not entirely sure I don’t like it. It’s almost like playing a guessing game! haha which makes it all the more awesome sometimes. One thing for sure is that, if the day starts off hot or is hot at any point, you know it doesn’t stay the same for too long! I guess it’d be better to be able to wear shorts and a tshirt than carrying around a jacket all the time, though.  Here’s my view from the top of one of our buildings!



Pet Peeves

I don’t feel like I have too many pet peeves.  There are times that frustrations do build up, though, and I’m left with being annoyed at small things. Totally unfair, I know. But hey, I’m sure it’s happened to most people at least once, no? Have you ever had those moments when you’re asking someone to do something and all they do is stare blankly and disinterestedly at you? Yeah, I get that. A lot. It happens almost every other weekend that I go home, mainly from my youngest brother.  He’ll just sit there and… nothing. I’m pretty sure I know what’s going on through his head at the point, but it’s just so bothersome and why can’t he just do what is being asked of him? There’s another thing that my family tends to do that annoys me.  Have any of you ever had those moments where you’re starting to talk about something that you feel needs to be said, especially when the people around you don’t seem to understand or are against and they tell you to ‘relax’ or ‘don’t get mad/ in a bitchy mood’? It’s like they completely squash what you were saying and make only their point important. Not only that, but by saying ‘relax’ or ‘don’t get mad/in a bitchy mood,’ the natural response is to disagree, which only makes the person say it more and causes you to get angry.

Smaller pet peeves would be things like leaving a mess in communal areas, when someone thinks its okay to interrupt my shows for whatever reason, when people think it’s okay to tell me what to do, what I should and should not be wearing, who I should or should not be talking to, what I can and cannot eat, that I should be more “ladylike” and not act the way I naturally do. Really, any time when someone tries to rule over my own decisions. Then there are issues that get me upset. I can’t call them pet peeves because it would be dismissing the issues and calling them annoyances and therefore not worthy of the attention they deserve. I have a problem with people who think they can point out any one and say they’re a) too fat, b) dressing like a ‘slut’, c) wearing clothes ‘not meant for their body type,’ and people that try and assume anything out of someone else’s life based on the way they look or act or do, or because they just so happen to be walking around at night. Then there are times when people talk religion with me. I don’t mind talking about religion, but these people are usually of another faith and are more interested in getting their own point across without respecting my own beliefs.  That’s really all I ask for–that they be respectful and remember that our beliefs, while somewhat similar, are still different and no matter what, there’s no way you’ll ever change them.

There are others, of course. I just don’t feel like thinking about them, because my day is going well so far and I don’t want to dwell on negative things. Hope this wasn’t that bad a read for all of you. I’m not looking for some agreements on what I wrote because then it’ll seem more like I’m gearing up for battle against people who do what I’ve described.


May Challenge(s) Day 7!: Favorite and What’s Your Dream Job?

I’m not quite sure what exactly this means. Favorite movie, favorite snack, favorite shoes, favorite day, favorite moment of today? There’s so so many possibilities! I guess I can choose a random. So I choose my favorite cold-weather pick-me-up! I know a lot of people love Starbucks. I have to say, my favorite would hands down be Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  It’s got the best everything! haha. I feel like the drinks are more to my liking, and most importantly the whip cream doesn’t make me sick. That’s right, I dislike Starbucks for their whip cream. Seriously, I don’t know why I’m always getting sick from it. Or maybe it’s the Strawberry Cream bit of it and not the whip. Who knows? Anyway, my favorite snack consists of a (usually large) Hot Vanilla and any blueberry pastry. In this case, it was a scone. I’ve never really been a fan of hot chocolate made anywhere but home since they’re usually made with hot water and not milk, so the hot vanilla works perfectly for me.  A friend of mine-turned-roommate introduced me to this sweet hot drink the week of finals of my first year. I’ll forever be thankful of it!



My Dream Job…

I guess it’s hard to think about this because of the fact that I’ve sort of accepted the fact that I won’t get there. At least, not with the little skills I have in digital art. My dream job for the longest time was to work for Pixar, working on animated films. Originally it had been to work making animated films in the older style, where everything was hand drawn. I know now we’ve reached a different time, where a lot of the work is done on a computer as well.  I realize I can still work towards that, even if I’m a fine artist and not digital. If not with the entertainment industry, I would really love to work with illustration; making up my own characters and bringing them to life through my drawings or small paintings. Maybe even by sculpture. I think I’d like to try my hand at book art, too.

This hasn’t been my only dream job my whole life. I know one of my dream jobs would be to be able to have a job where I can travel all over the world. I’d love to view the world, experience things that I wouldn’t be able to in normal circumstances. What better way to do that, than to find some way to do this while earning my livelihood? Another thing I’d really really love to do is to find a way to help people who need it.  I don’t know what I’d like it to be yet, exactly. I have this idea that I could either have a foster home or a homeless shelter. Or even help people on a larger scale and, instead of one homeless shelter, I’d go cross country to help people in need.  I’ll figure it out in time. I can already see a bunch of self-help people/books going ‘THE TIME IS NOW!’ haha

So, that’s this week’s post. Hope you enjoyed the read and will keep coming back for more. Check out my other posts if you’d like, you can see some of them on the right. See you tomorrow!

May Challenge(s) Day 6!: What Makes You Smile & My Last Random Act of Kindness

I think something that it’s really hard to come up with any one thing that makes me smile. There’s really so much I could take a picture of. Just an hour or so ago I was standing on the balcony on the fourth floor of one of the school buildings here, looking over everything going on under and enjoying the breeze. I was looking at stories unfolding for each person, knowing that I’m only a speck of dust in comparison to everything that has happened or will happen for them. Knowing that our stories would never intertwine. It’s really interesting. I guess that’s why I love people watching. Then, I saw a fellow art student and friend of mine today at the media library. Both of us were only stopping there briefly. It’s nice to see someone who’s been in so many of the same art classes, and who you look up to, outside of class. Even if it’s still on school grounds. Then there’s this other big thing going on today: Grad Fair. It brings promises of summer, of graduation, of life beginning at the end of this very long journey had throughout all my years of schooling, not only at the university level. I’m graduating!!!


My Last Random Act of Kindness

I don’t know what is considered an act of kindness. I mean, I know I’m kind to people. I know it’s random in that I never plan for it ahead of time. So when the topic I need to write on was my last random act of kindness, it kind of doesn’t make sense. What can it be? Today already I’ve held the door open for some people. Yesterday I helped an elderly couple maneuver around the train systems by staying with them and writing directions for them in Spanish; I helped another man who was new to the city get to his destination. So would the random act of kindness mean something as small as helping someone get around, or something bigger in which I help someone get out of a pickle. (Yes, that’s right. I said pickle.) I don’t like to talk about these things, as I end up feeling like I’m a) bragging, or b) patting myself on the back for doing something. It’s just not the way that Random Acts of Kindness should be. Also, the things I do seem so small and insignificant to the things that I CAN do.  I feel ashamed for not doing more for people in need, for being selfish in that way. I don’t know how you, my readers, take these sorts of things. Still, for the sake of the challenge, I’ll briefly talk about one thing I did for someone.

I don’t remember what day it was. I don’t remember the month. I know it was this year, 2014. I know that I was running low on funds. I know that I could make it home and back again one more time with what I had left from buying this last train ticket. I wasn’t too worried, though. It was nearing the end of my current quarter at the university. I remember a woman coming up to me, but I don’t remember what she looked like. She asked if I could help her with the ticketing machine as she didn’t know how to work it very well. I remember her mentioning being either elderly or special needs, and that she’d qualify for a slightly cheaper ticket. When it came time to pay for her ticket, she pulled out about $3 in change. It wasn’t enough. I pulled out whatever change I had for her, but it still wasn’t enough. You don’t really think 10 USD is too much until you don’t have 10 to give or use for your needs. I remember not wanting to leave this woman behind. I don’t think I really thought about it when I did so, but I went ahead and made the transaction and paid for her ticket. I know she was thankful. I know the train pulled up shortly after we’d made our way to the platform. It wasn’t until I was sitting at my table that I actually thought about what I’d just done, and how that was going to affect me. Like I said, selfish. I definitely had to plan a bit more carefully about what I would spend on for the next couple of weeks and wouldn’t be able to go home as often. I shrugged it off and remembered that ‘God Will Provide’ in some form or another. That was that.

There are so so many things I want to do with and for people. I know it’ll take time, because I don’t have the means necessary for it, monetary or otherwise. I also have graduation coming, and with GradFair kicking off today it’s going to be a bit more expensive than I’d originally thought. (Why oh why must we pay so much for school, and then even more to get the benefits of our own graduation?! I just don’t get it. Bah! It’s seriously like a leech.) But, there you have it folks! Day 6 of my 31 Day Challenge. Hopefully it was a good read for you. I was a bit reluctant to do it myself for reasons already stated above. If you’re following and/or posting your own challenge, let me know! What better thing than a support system? Have a good day!

May Challenge Day 5!: Something I Wore & Favorite Movies I Never Get Sick of Watching

I didn’t get a chance to see this before my day began. I could easily go back and take a picture of what I’m currently wearing, or choose a photo from this past weekend, but I figured I may as well go with something easy. So, ta-da! I give you my converse! They’re one of my favorite colors (I have many) and are super comfortable. Unless you want to actually exercise. Go for trainers, guys ‘n gals! Actually, when I bought these I was going along thinking that they actually reminded me a lot of John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ book cover, which only made me want to paint ‘Okay?”Okay.’in little white clouds. It’s our catchphrase and meant to be full of promises. Of life, love, and anything else in between. Seriously, if you haven’t read the book I encourage you to go do so now. The movie comes out on June 6th. I didn’t get to paint my shoes, as you can see. I’m actually a little happy about that. I use them with jeans, shorts, dresses; they’re perfect for a casual day around the house or when hitting the streets. Also, have you ever noticed how, when you see someone else wearing converse, you feel a small sense of unity? Besides checking out the colors and adding another pair to your mental checklist, that is. They’re just perfect. Probably my favorite pair of sneakers.



Favorite movies I never get sick of… boy, this is a tough one. Not because I don’t have favorite movies, or because I get tired of everything I watch, but because now I have to think about aaaaaaall the movies I’ve watched. Off the top of my head, there is 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. This is seriously one of my favorite movies ever. Also on the list are the Jungle Book (1994) with Jason Scott Lee, Cary Elwes, and Lena Headey; Lord of the Rings–all of them; Easy A (2010), Pitch Perfect (2012), Howl’s Moving Castle (2004), Princess Mononoke (1997), Tangled (2010), and Robin Hood Men in Tights (1993). These are only some of the movies, there are tons more. Actually, now I’m feel like watching one of these movies. Agh! Can’t do that. Maybe after my upcoming midterm…

And there it is, folks! My May Challenge post, on Cinco de Mayo. I hope you all had a good, safe day! Don’t be out there drinking and driving, and please don’t use this day to make idiotic games like at UC Davis where students think it’s ‘cool’ to dress up as immigrants and border patrol agents and run around after each other drunk. It’s horrible and disrespectful and can really hurt people. Honestly, who comes up with these things? Are they really that insensitive?

If you like this post I’ll give you a biiiiig internet hug! Let me know if you’re in on the challenge! I’ll definitely come by and read yours. 🙂 Good night!

May Challenge Day 4!: Letterbox and Best Childhood Memory

I don’t exactly have a letterbox. I figured I could just take a picture of a letter in an actual box/basket I have. It could have been cute, maybe funny. But I’ll go with the reality and post what has been a ‘letter/mailbox’ for me for the past 7 or so years, since I moved from Texas. Here you go. Unfortunately we don’t have any of them fancy/homey letterboxes that most people have. Also, as I’m still a college student, I tend to change these quite often. I admit I have not learned my address here at my current school apartment. I just ship everything to my mom’s place. At least she stays put for more than a year!


Also, we juuust got this at school. I may or may not be using it in the future haha. I thought it was a scam the first time I read about it! Have you seen anything like it?



Best Childhood Memory..

I can’t exactly say I have a ‘best’ or ‘favorite’ childhood memory.  I really feel like I had a good childhood overall, filled with lots of memories of my cousins and I making up stories and acting them out, or singing mariachi songs with my father, or visiting the bookstore with my mom. They all come in snippets, too, so it’s hard to think of any one concrete memory as sometimes they end up jumbling together into one.

When in Texas, I lived in one place nearly my whole life. It was this half-acre plot in what had been an orange-grove in South Texas. You could see the evidence in the many orange, grapefruit, and lime trees throughout the neighborhood and in our yard. Our little home was raised off the ground by bricks evenly spaced under the house, leaving stray cats, dogs, chickens, and sometimes snakes to sneak their way in under the house and make a home for their litters. There was a row of trees lined up along the front of our yard. I’m guessing this was primarily to mark our land, before fences and gates started getting popular. How magnificent those days must have been! So much easier to call on your neighbors and not having to cage yourself and your family and possessions in.  In the “back”yard there was also these two giant trees that we would climb. There was always a picnic table under one of them. Behind those was a rather large shed. Almost the size of a small house, really. Actually, it was bigger than the one bedroom house that my aunt resided in when she lived behind my grandmother’s house. A house I, too, had lived in before my parents got our house.

In another half-acre lot over to our left lived my cousins Marty and Lupita, and their parents. Oh, the mischief we’d get into. It wasn’t anything necessarily bad. We just liked having fun, sometimes in a not-so-nice way; some of these included pushing each other off the bed, throwing/kicking footballs and soccer balls at each other, playing wrestling and boxing with each other. Oh wait, that was all me to Marty. haha  Hey! He’s older than me by two years, AND pushed my brother and me around when we were younger. I can have some fun with him. 😛 Did I mention he was head over heels in love with Britney Spears and claimed he would someday marry her? hahaha Marty has a younger sister named Lupita (after the Virgen de Guadalupe); she’s about 5, 6 years younger than him.  I absolutely loved being with her. We’re both writers and storytellers. I do strongly believe that this started from when we were younger and would create stories together. Remember those trees at the front of my yard? Well, after a while, they would slant over each other and create a sort of canopy. As we were small enough, we’d crawl under the space and sit around on some small logs we had placed in a circle. We’d pretend to have tea parties there, or pretend we were sitting around a great big campfire! There, we made up plenty of stories by either talking about our ideas or by playing pretend. Those were seriously some of the most memorable times of my life. I remember this one time that Marty, Lupita, Juan (the eldest of my brothers, younger than me by three years), and I had a nighttime picnic under Marty and Lupita’s porch. We were still pretty young; Marty must not have been older than 12. Our parents had packed us crackers, cheese, and other small snack-foods along with a blue and white checkered picnic blanket. We had all this laid out and were in the process of eating when out of the blue, one of the three jumped up and screamed. Our parents came out, and it turned out there had been a scorpion just behind us the whole time. That interruption sure made its mark in my memory.

There are just so so many other memories I can write about, both good and bad, but I think I’ll stop there for tonight. I realize that this post comes a day late, and that I should be posting the 5th challenge day. I had thought about not posting Sunday’s challenge, as I’d been busy the entire day and didn’t get to write anything. Still, I figured I may as well write it up now and actually complete the challenge in full. It’s still my goal! I hope you enjoyed this read. Do you have any stories to tell? Share them with us! If you liked this and would like to see more, you can ‘like’ this or follow me. I’ll be posting at least once a day! If you decide to follow the challenge yourself, be sure to tell me! I’d love to read what you have. 🙂

May Challenge(s) Day 3!: Something You Adore and What Makes You Happy?

This little boy has made me very happy this past weekend, as has the rest of my family. I absolutely adore him, even if he has caused me to be up for more hours in the day that I’m used to; even if I am now suffering from very very sore legs and lower back pain from jumping around and doing squats while carrying him just to hear that tinkle of laughter. I am forever thankful for this weekend and for having the family that I have.

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I write this post from my cousin’s home in northern California. We’re here for my cousin’s baby’s baptism and first birthday party.  I remember the last time we were here, almost one exact year ago. It was shortly after having her first child. A lot of things are similar from then, it just took a stain on the tabletop to remind me of that.  I mentioned on the first challenge post that I’m originally from Texas. The same goes for my cousin.  She’s been living in northern California for a few years now after getting married to her truly awesome and wonderful husband (whom she met online–see, it can work!).  As such, she doesn’t get to see her family (immediate and extended) for months at a time. That is why, on occasions such as this, we don’t think twice about coming over and visiting her little family.  I remember last year my godparents (her parents) came over along with my cousin’s sister, her husband, and their two children.  It was truly an amazing time. We hadn’t seen my godparents and my other cousin’s family since Christmas. Maybe it doesn’t seem so much to some of you, but I grew up in an environment where we knew we’d see at least half of my aunts, uncles, and cousins if not each day, then at least every other day. I grew up incredibly close to all my family. That’s something I’ll forever be thankful for. I know that not everyone is as fortunate, and not everyone sees family as such an important aspect of life–both extended and immediate.  It’s kind of sad, really. In this particular weekend last year, we got to almost repeat what our life had been like in Texas.  Everyone was together, we’d trade off children and chat about family issues, we had our big official family meals both at home and whenever we went out. There was an evening where there was a soccer game everyone sat for (futbol/football for the rest of the world). The husbands of each sister were rooting for an opposing team. They had bought the three munchkins jerseys (or onesies for the baby) for their respective teams and teaching them to say ‘Touchdown!.’ It was seriously one of the cutest things I had ever seen. That day we had bought about…7 boxes of pizza or so. They were greasy on the bottom and hot. It wasn’t until maybe an hour or so after they’d been sitting there that one of us remembered that the pizza boxes should not be on the bare table. We picked them up and saw we were too late; the grease and heat had made its mark on the table. Permanently. So when I saw the lighter brown splotches of stained wood on the dark espresso finish, I remembered that weekend. I remembered how close we all were. I remembered what it was like to have family so near that even one wrong move could accidentally make someone ticked off. Okay, that not aaaas much as if we were in Texas surrounded by everyone, but it happens every now and then. It could also partly be that I’m living away from my immediate family for school that I felt this was a lot closer to what family is supposed to be like and that what we were experiencing with mom and my brothers was only the half of it. This, would be the thing that I adore. The thing that makes me happy. It’s my family. It’s in knowing that you’ll always have someone there for you. It’s in fighting over the small things. It’s in leaving our marks on things the way students write ‘Jackson wuz here’ with an arrow pointing down to a date and locking it down to the location, as if it wasn’t obvious enough that the marked place was where they’d been.  It’s in knowing that you’ll never ever want for a different family, no matter what goes on in it. It’s in loving unconditionally. I love you, familia. Thank you so very much for having us. You give me immeasurable joy and happiness and love. Just thought I should let you know. ❤ 🙂

May Challenge(s) Day 2!: Breakfast and Favorite Quote(S)

I’m not exactly one to eat breakfast, but for this challenge I thought I’d make something fancy. Here you have, my hard boiled eggs and toast! Bon Apetit! Haha


Quotes.. I’m not one to really keep quotes.  There is one YouTuber that I feel is quoteable, though. Her name is Carrie Hope Fletcher.  I absolutely love her, she is all about being herself, and trying to be a positive force in her viewer’s lives.  When asked, Carrie says in a video that one of the ways she’s able to stay so positive is by thinking and remembering we all are stars. She goes on to say that, ‘scientifically speaking, the destruction and explosion of a star is called a supernova. From the shockwave of the explosion, new stars are created, then those explode and create new stars, and so on so forth.  Every atom of our bodies and every thing around was first created in the explosion of a star. Knowing that [she’s] connected with the universe in that way makes her feel less of a small, insignificant little person. She may be one small person, but [she’s] part of something huge.’

There are a lot more things she says that I’d love to put on here, but it requires going through loads of videos and I just don’t have the time for that right now. Still, if you’d like to check her out, I’ll put a link below.  Or you can just click on the links.

Thanks for reading! You can go ahead and leave a comment below or a like. Tell me what you think of her videos! Are there any quotes you’d like to share?

If you wish to start your own challenge, let me know. I’ll gladly follow you. I’ll see you guys next time. 😀