A Welcoming

Ladies, gents, people that don’t fall under the gender binary rules..I give you, my first post! -Applauds and bows- thank you, thank you. I suppose this first post is where I shall begin my introduction, yes?

I’ll start this by saying I was led here by my lovely cousins who have started (or continued) their own blogs on here. I have been playing the tumblr beat for quite some time now, but its so easy to get lost there among all the other posts. Do you know how hard it is to not reblog things you absolutely love?!

Anyway, I figured I’d had enough of resisting blog sites such as this. Through this blog, you will be slowly learning who I am, what I’m about. My name is Lyanne, but you may call me Wandreer if you’d like. It’s really all the same to me. I am female, in my early twenties. By some standards I’m still a baby, by other’s I’m ancient. I’d like to say I’m in my prime. Even then, I know that life in any age is at its prime, because there is nothing more magnificent than life at its current. The good, the bad, that which may seem insignificant or life-altering…it all adds up into this wonderful person you are. I believe I have experienced a lot in my twenty-some years of life. All these experiences have shaped me into the person I am now, the person you’ll slowly begin learning about. The stuff I haven’t experienced, I learn of in other ways. Likewise, I hope to get to know you bit by bit, too.