I realize that I have let myself seriously fall behind in my blog posts. I know that I’ve mucked up the challenge by taking this break, by not pushing through and making sure I make those deadlines. 

But it’s okay.

This is something that I had set for myself and, like everything else, I can fluctuate. I know things don’t always work out for me. I know I have things I do outside of this blog. I am a college student, afterall. I have not failed. I will pick this back up, and I will succeed this challenge. So fear not! I will be back after my bout with finals. I will have content for you to keep reading to your heart’s content! (If anyone reads, that is. I’m really unsure of traffic… but it’ll be here!) 

Until then, I bid thee all adieu. If you’re stuck in finals, good luck! I will see you on the other side.


Look, look!

….apparently it likes playing tricks on me by not posting whatever I had typed in..

IN ANY CASE—why do distractions come at the most inopportune (or opportune) moments? I’ve been procrastinating on studying for that midterm. I don’t see it going well, to be perfectly honest. Hopefully the prof was bluffing and we actually do have an exam in which materials covered in class will be included on the test. Urgh. Why couldn’t we have taken this earlier? There’d be less readings to cover for tomorrow ;~; Still. I must trudge on! Victory is less than a month down the road! Graduation here I come~ 😀