May Challenge(s) Day 7!: Favorite and What’s Your Dream Job?

I’m not quite sure what exactly this means. Favorite movie, favorite snack, favorite shoes, favorite day, favorite moment of today? There’s so so many possibilities! I guess I can choose a random. So I choose my favorite cold-weather pick-me-up! I know a lot of people love Starbucks. I have to say, my favorite would hands down be Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  It’s got the best everything! haha. I feel like the drinks are more to my liking, and most importantly the whip cream doesn’t make me sick. That’s right, I dislike Starbucks for their whip cream. Seriously, I don’t know why I’m always getting sick from it. Or maybe it’s the Strawberry Cream bit of it and not the whip. Who knows? Anyway, my favorite snack consists of a (usually large) Hot Vanilla and any blueberry pastry. In this case, it was a scone. I’ve never really been a fan of hot chocolate made anywhere but home since they’re usually made with hot water and not milk, so the hot vanilla works perfectly for me.  A friend of mine-turned-roommate introduced me to this sweet hot drink the week of finals of my first year. I’ll forever be thankful of it!



My Dream Job…

I guess it’s hard to think about this because of the fact that I’ve sort of accepted the fact that I won’t get there. At least, not with the little skills I have in digital art. My dream job for the longest time was to work for Pixar, working on animated films. Originally it had been to work making animated films in the older style, where everything was hand drawn. I know now we’ve reached a different time, where a lot of the work is done on a computer as well.  I realize I can still work towards that, even if I’m a fine artist and not digital. If not with the entertainment industry, I would really love to work with illustration; making up my own characters and bringing them to life through my drawings or small paintings. Maybe even by sculpture. I think I’d like to try my hand at book art, too.

This hasn’t been my only dream job my whole life. I know one of my dream jobs would be to be able to have a job where I can travel all over the world. I’d love to view the world, experience things that I wouldn’t be able to in normal circumstances. What better way to do that, than to find some way to do this while earning my livelihood? Another thing I’d really really love to do is to find a way to help people who need it.  I don’t know what I’d like it to be yet, exactly. I have this idea that I could either have a foster home or a homeless shelter. Or even help people on a larger scale and, instead of one homeless shelter, I’d go cross country to help people in need.  I’ll figure it out in time. I can already see a bunch of self-help people/books going ‘THE TIME IS NOW!’ haha

So, that’s this week’s post. Hope you enjoyed the read and will keep coming back for more. Check out my other posts if you’d like, you can see some of them on the right. See you tomorrow!


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