May Challenge(s) Day 6!: What Makes You Smile & My Last Random Act of Kindness

I think something that it’s really hard to come up with any one thing that makes me smile. There’s really so much I could take a picture of. Just an hour or so ago I was standing on the balcony on the fourth floor of one of the school buildings here, looking over everything going on under and enjoying the breeze. I was looking at stories unfolding for each person, knowing that I’m only a speck of dust in comparison to everything that has happened or will happen for them. Knowing that our stories would never intertwine. It’s really interesting. I guess that’s why I love people watching. Then, I saw a fellow art student and friend of mine today at the media library. Both of us were only stopping there briefly. It’s nice to see someone who’s been in so many of the same art classes, and who you look up to, outside of class. Even if it’s still on school grounds. Then there’s this other big thing going on today: Grad Fair. It brings promises of summer, of graduation, of life beginning at the end of this very long journey had throughout all my years of schooling, not only at the university level. I’m graduating!!!


My Last Random Act of Kindness

I don’t know what is considered an act of kindness. I mean, I know I’m kind to people. I know it’s random in that I never plan for it ahead of time. So when the topic I need to write on was my last random act of kindness, it kind of doesn’t make sense. What can it be? Today already I’ve held the door open for some people. Yesterday I helped an elderly couple maneuver around the train systems by staying with them and writing directions for them in Spanish; I helped another man who was new to the city get to his destination. So would the random act of kindness mean something as small as helping someone get around, or something bigger in which I help someone get out of a pickle. (Yes, that’s right. I said pickle.) I don’t like to talk about these things, as I end up feeling like I’m a) bragging, or b) patting myself on the back for doing something. It’s just not the way that Random Acts of Kindness should be. Also, the things I do seem so small and insignificant to the things that I CAN do.  I feel ashamed for not doing more for people in need, for being selfish in that way. I don’t know how you, my readers, take these sorts of things. Still, for the sake of the challenge, I’ll briefly talk about one thing I did for someone.

I don’t remember what day it was. I don’t remember the month. I know it was this year, 2014. I know that I was running low on funds. I know that I could make it home and back again one more time with what I had left from buying this last train ticket. I wasn’t too worried, though. It was nearing the end of my current quarter at the university. I remember a woman coming up to me, but I don’t remember what she looked like. She asked if I could help her with the ticketing machine as she didn’t know how to work it very well. I remember her mentioning being either elderly or special needs, and that she’d qualify for a slightly cheaper ticket. When it came time to pay for her ticket, she pulled out about $3 in change. It wasn’t enough. I pulled out whatever change I had for her, but it still wasn’t enough. You don’t really think 10 USD is too much until you don’t have 10 to give or use for your needs. I remember not wanting to leave this woman behind. I don’t think I really thought about it when I did so, but I went ahead and made the transaction and paid for her ticket. I know she was thankful. I know the train pulled up shortly after we’d made our way to the platform. It wasn’t until I was sitting at my table that I actually thought about what I’d just done, and how that was going to affect me. Like I said, selfish. I definitely had to plan a bit more carefully about what I would spend on for the next couple of weeks and wouldn’t be able to go home as often. I shrugged it off and remembered that ‘God Will Provide’ in some form or another. That was that.

There are so so many things I want to do with and for people. I know it’ll take time, because I don’t have the means necessary for it, monetary or otherwise. I also have graduation coming, and with GradFair kicking off today it’s going to be a bit more expensive than I’d originally thought. (Why oh why must we pay so much for school, and then even more to get the benefits of our own graduation?! I just don’t get it. Bah! It’s seriously like a leech.) But, there you have it folks! Day 6 of my 31 Day Challenge. Hopefully it was a good read for you. I was a bit reluctant to do it myself for reasons already stated above. If you’re following and/or posting your own challenge, let me know! What better thing than a support system? Have a good day!


3 thoughts on “May Challenge(s) Day 6!: What Makes You Smile & My Last Random Act of Kindness

  1. I actually performed an act of kindness today. I bought the Mickie Deal at McDonalds today: 4 cheeseburgers, 4 chicken sandwiches, 20 nuggets, and four sodas. All were for my boys to eat, and anyone who had not had lunch. Of course, my Alex said he wasn’t sure we’d have enough for other people—that he was soo hungry, and it was barely enough for them.. Well…we drove to church to continue with our Sunday evangelization, and they ate while I drove. As we got there, Alex remembered he needed Pepto Bismol so we drove to Walgreens. There, sitting at the entrance was a homeless man drinking some flavored drink. Alex and I thought of the same thing, but he said I should ask the man first. So I did.
    I asked, “Would you like to eat some McDonalds?”
    The man put his hands up and with a big smile answered, “Yes!”
    Alex got the food and gave it to him. He looked so grateful, and we felt so proud of our act. I began to tell him that we were going to a church activity, and he asked us about our church. He said he was Baptist and we both agreed that it doesn’t matter what church we go to. The important thing is to praise God.

    So yeah, this was my act of kindness today. When we left the pharmacy, someone else was outside. To this man we gave him a bottle of water. God really provides! Praise God!

    • I definitely think you should start writing up your own posts, as it seems you have a lot of experiences to share. God really does provide, and I’m proud to call you my mother. 🙂 Thank you for teaching us the values that you have, to care for others and spread the word of God. Keep it up! Love you.

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